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Successful businesses recognise the importance of providing excellent customer care in every interaction.

To ensure that your customers are happy and satisfied, your staff has to be qualified, knowledgeable and have a true passion for their job - as they have a considerable impact on the customer's perception of your business.

High quality and consistent service are vital for a positive customer experience, and well trained and motivated staff can bring you repeat visits and ‘word of mouth’ advertising, creating a competitive advantage for your company.

With our customer service courses, your team will be equipped with the right skills and knowledge they need to build long lasting rapport with customers and provide exceptional service in every situation - face to face, over the phone or via email, by learning the best practices to engage and genuinely interact with all types of customers.

With the help of our customer service courses, your staff will be able to also manage difficult customers and handle challenging situations through understanding and practising effective complaint handling techniques.



Is your staff struggling to meet deadlines or saying that 'they just don't have enough time'?

Having a work-life balance is increasingly difficult in today's fast-paced environment, and good time management tools and techniques are key to managing time more effectively.

Our time management training courses will enable your staff to take more control of their time, and complete more in a shorter period of time with less stress, by learning how to manage their time effectively.

From goal setting, to diaries and ways to beat procrastination, or eliminate time wasters, our time management workshops aim to create the right habits to maximise the value of the working day, so that your staff can be more productive, focus better, and accomplish bigger results.



Sales opportunities are lost on so many occasions, because salespeople don’t receive formal training, and perhaps make up the selling process as they go along.

Following a well structured course is the key to success: your staff will know how to ask the right questions and how to be a good listener, understand customers' needs and offer them the ideal solutions.

Our Sales Essentials course is an introduction to successful selling, designed for new salespeople who need a structured approach to sales, and for those who have little sales experience but no formal training, and want to boost their performance.



<<Leadership is not about a title. It's about impact, influence and inspiration>>

Truly effective leaders inspire and motivate people, bring the best out of them, are able to share their vision and have their team embrace it.

Our Leadership & Team Development courses help today's leaders and managers develop effective leadership skills and discover how different leadership styles can positively impact their team's performance.

Our practical Leadership & Team Development workshops are specifically designed to: 

  • develop leaders' ability to truly understand their team, so they can adapt their management style to the different situations
  • help them master the art of delegation and empowerment, to get the best out of everyone
  • teach leaders how to consistently drive and motivate their teams to take ownership of what they do, and develop a solution seeking mindset

We help leaders and managers develop competent and inspirational leadership skills so they can add true value and inspire better results.





We specialise in creating bespoke courses and workshops, to meet your training needs and requirements.

Prices are tailored based on the nature of the training.