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Up to 12 people online
6-14 people face to face
Course can be tailored


  • What are the benefits of excellent customer care
  • Understanding the difference between bad, good and excellent service
  • Making a great first impression with customers
  • Customer care on the phone
  • Effectively managing customer’s expectations
  • Grooming standards


  • The art of communicating positivity: language and tone of voice
  • How to become an active and perceptive listener
  • Asking the right questions to uncover customer’s needs
  • The importance of note taking
  • A step by step guide to efficiently handle customer’s enquiries 
  • Delighting and impressing: Exceeding customer’s needs
  • The keys to effective follow up
  • Nonverbal communication: what is your body saying?

Building Rapport

  • Why building rapport with customers matters
  • Exploring techniques to build and maintain rapport
  • Building genuine rapport: how to be friendly and stay professional
  • How to have personalised interactions with customers
  • Enhancing likability (in person, on the phone, via email)

Dealing with complaints and difficult customers

  • Identifying the nature of customer complaints
  • Understanding what triggers difficult behaviour
  • How to prevent negative emotions from arising (both employees’ and customers’)
  • How to maintain ownership of the situation
  • Solving customer’s complaints with empathy
  • Powerful strategies to diffuse upset customers
  • Handling challenging customers with confidence
  • How to turn a disappointing experience into a positive one
Up to 12 people online
6-14 people face to face
Course can be tailored