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Up to 12 people online
6-14 people face to face
Course can be tailored


  • Understanding barriers to successful time management

  • Techniques for managing your time effectively

  • Overcoming productivity obstacles:

    • Learning how to politely say ‘no’
    • Avoiding multitasking
    • How to be better at delegating and save time
    • Overcoming perfectionism: learning to let go
    • Personality drivers - how to resist them and be in control of your time
    • 8 proven strategies to overcome procrastination

Prioritising & Planning

  • What is a priority?
  • Urgent vs. important: the priority quadrants principles
  • How to find more time for important tasks by reducing unimportant ones
  • Acquiring practical skills for planning, scheduling and prioritising work
  • Solutions to reduce the impact of ‘time stealers’
  • Stress: why does it occur and how to overcome it

Organisation & Systems

  • What is a time management system, and why you need one
  • How to build a single trusted time management system
  • Masterlist and Daily to-do lists, why you need both
  • Tools and Apps to help you organise your day
  • How to deal with recurring tasks more efficiently
  • Systems to manage emails and keep them under control
  • Managing your diary effectively and avoiding stress

Meetings & Working Environment

  • How to create a productive workplace and reduce stress
  • Reducing interruptions and distractions at work
  • Top tips to write efficient to-do lists for both daily and weekly workload
  • Holding productive work meetings
  • Taking effective minutes during a meeting
  • How to keep meetings on track
  • Effectively dealing with with conflict and disagreement during meetings
Up to 12 people online
6-14 people face to face
Course can be tailored