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Up to 12 people online
6-14 people face to face
Course can be tailored

Connecting with your Team

  • Understanding your team and their roles within the team
  • How to drive diversity and inclusion as a leader
  • Team building
  • Handling remote teams successfully
  • How to be a role model for your team
  • How to run successful team meetings
  • Work etiquette: respectful behaviour in the workplace

Qualities and Strengths of Great Leaders

  • Leadership and Management
  • What makes a great leader?
  • 3 key areas a leader should focus on
  • Efficient communication
  • Assertiveness in Leadership

Staff Motivation and Recognition

  • Different types of employee personalities
  • How to motivate employees both individually and as a team
  • How to provide constructive and future-focused feedback
  • Challenging employees for for genuine growth
  • Appraisals skills: how to drive employees performance
  • Coaching and mentoring employees to enhance performance

Leadership Styles and Delegation

  • How to choose the appropriate Leadership style in every situation
  • Assertive delegation: recognising what is holding you back
  • Management continuum: the key stages to true delegation
  • 8 easy steps to put delegation theory into practice
  • Setting clear objectives to dive employees accountability
  • How to avoid delegation turning into abdication

Conflict Resolution

  • How to develop Emotional intelligence at work
  • How to manage difficult team members 
  • Resolving conflict between team members
  • Putting theory into practice: how to manage conflict in the workplace
Up to 12 people online
6-14 people face to face
Course can be tailored