Improve your productivity with technology

Have you ever had the feeling you forgot something when leaving your house, getting to work, or going to bed?

There is the risk you forgot to do something important like sending an email to your client, or preparing a spreadsheet for your boss before the deadline…oh nooo, the deadline was YESTERDAY!

If you feel that your brain is overloaded with information and things to remember, I’ve got just the right system for you, so you will never forget anything ever again!

Nowadays there are so many ways to improve your productivity, and technology can definitely have a big and positive impact on it. So why not take advantage of digital tools to help you be more organised, and free your brain for things that are more important?

The number one tool that saved me from beating myself up for missing important deadlines, or forgetting appointments, and basically kept me out of trouble since I started using it is the digital calendar.

Here are 6 reasons why I personally think that a digital calendar it’s such a clever tool that can solve many of your problems:

  1. You can free up “mental space” by writing everything down on the calendar, and you won’t have to rely on your memory every again
  2. You can easily access the calendar from multiple devices like laptop, tablet, mobile phone, and always have your daily schedule handy
  3. You can set up calendar reminders to grab your attention just at the right time of the day, so you avoid missing appointments, meeting and deadlines
  4. You can block a chunk of time in your day to dedicate to specific tasks. I guarantee that once a slot of time it’s blocked in the calendar you will get to it and finish the task
  5. You can set up recurring events for appointment or meetings that occur regularly, or even to remind you about family and friends birthdays
  6. You can write down all that you have to do during your day, so you can easily track your activities and monitor your productivity

I hope you’ll find this useful to boost your productivity and be more organised.

Credit: Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels