6 Months Programme

These are the transformational outcomes we’ll get together:

Build on your strengths and reduce your weaknesses

Project confidence, and develop ‘Presence’ as a Leader

Manage your time and delegate tasks effectively

Motivate, mentor and positively drive your team to reduce staff turnover

Communicate and resolve conflict assertively in a diverse workplace

What we will work on:

  • Define your goals and objectives
  • Understand and overcome the roadblocks that are stopping you from being
    truly successful at work
  • Develop a tailor made step by step action plan
  • Practical actions and techniques to achieve your goals based on your skills
    and experience

What is included:

  • Proven practical techniques that you can action immediately
  • Training material
  • Group training and coaching each month
  • Email support, mentoring and guidance from the trainer

Programme Details

Module 1 - Unleashing Your Potential

Leadership Styles & Goal Setting

Module Objectives

The objective of this module is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding
of leadership and equip them with the necessary skills to excel in their roles.

Participants will understand how leadership skills complement managerial skills, and gain
clarity on the expectations placed on leaders, including making effective decisions, strategic
thinking, and team management.

In this module participants will also learn how to effectively communicate and align the
organisational vision with both their work and their team’s work.

Moreover, the course will guide participants in identifying their strengths and areas for
improvement, setting goals, and creating an action plan for their professional growth.

Module 2 - Mastering Confidence

Imposter Syndrome & Assertiveness

Module Objectives

By the end of this module, participants will learn how to communicate confidently in their
roles and present themselves effectively as leaders.

The course will help participants become more self-aware and develop assertiveness skills to
appear poised and self-assured in their everyday interactions with both guests and

It will also focus on identifying personal obstacles that may hinder their progress and provide
practical guidance and techniques to overcome these challenges in their role.

Ultimately, participants will be able to perform effectively as leaders, with confidence and

Module 3 - Communicating Effectively

Communication Styles & Feedback

Module Objectives

The objective of this module is to help participants develop the effective communication
skills to perform with confidence in their leadership role.

The course will focus on improving everyday communication at work, developing
assertiveness, verbal and nonverbal communication and active listening, and will also
enhance the participants ability to give and receive feedback for improved team
engagement and performance.

In addition, the training will boost the participants’ confidence and learning through a series
of activities and role plays tailored towards their individual needs and requirements.

Module 4 - Maximising Productivity

Time Management & Delegation

Module Objectives

The objective of this module is to help participants develop their time management and
delegation skills, to create a more effective and productive working style, and to eliminate
negative habits.

The sessions will guide the participants on how to identify and prioritise tasks, with a range of
practical time management techniques.

In addition, the course will focus on overcoming procrastination and eliminating
time-wasters, thereby enhancing their ability to manage their time and delegate successfully.

Module 5 - Empowering Your Team

Coaching & Mentoring

Module Objectives

The objective of this module is to help participants build a coaching habit and develop
effective coaching skills through a series of proven strategies, to better motivate their team,
increase employees’ autonomy and their sense of mastery in day to day operations.

The course will focus on understanding how to inspire employees to take ownership of their
work, as opposed to telling them what to do, and on how to make a positive impact on
performance and culture through coaching.

Module 6 - Managing Conflict at Work

Conflict Resolution & Team Building

Module Objectives

By the end of this module, participants will gain a deep understanding of the common
causes of conflicts and develop effective techniques to manage and resolve conflicts in the

They will acquire strategies to navigate challenges and overcome obstacles associated with
conflict management while maintaining professionalism and composure for constructive

The course will empower participants to handle conflicts assertively, professionally, and in a
timely manner, with a strong emphasis on achieving win-win outcomes in each conflict

Moreover, participants will be equipped with the skills to build stronger rapport with
employees through the use of empathy and active listening. They will learn how to
understand others’ perspectives and actively engage in listening to foster better relationships
and more effective conflict resolution.

“I want to thank Sara for the work done for us. She is an excellent trainer with customer orientation and rigor in her work. Sara's professionalism shines through in her leadership, teamwork, project management, and communication skills. Her unwavering values make her a trustworthy trainer, she helped us enhance our success with projects and clients.”

Alberto, CEO – Promise People Innovation

" I attended an excellent online training class delivered by Sara on Customer Service. I strongly recommend Sara’s courses to anyone looking for exciting and relevant training content presented in an engaging and interactive manner. Sara is highly knowledgeable in customer service and delivers her classes in a fun and absorbing way that has a lasting impact on attendees—highly recommended."

Billy, Management Trainer and Lecturer – Billy Schofield Training

"The Time Management course was very useful and well conducted. Sara managed to clarify and simplify complex and very broad concepts. Thanks also to the questions and interaction she stimulated, the time flew by! Highly recommended!"

Silvia, Director – The Time for Wine