How to plan a training session

“Why is training so expensive? So much money just for a couple of hours?”

I’ve heard this question too many times, and it made me realise that many companies don’t know all the work that is behind the delivery of a day, hand day, or even just an hour of training when they want to hire a professional and qualified trainer.

Companies are not aware of all the work behind planning a training session or training course. Trainers spend hours and days doing the following to prepare even for a single training session:

🙇 Finding the right topic to discuss;

📖 Researching the material (study the latest books, read pertinent articles,…);

👀 Looking for the latest case studies and thinking about practical examples and tips to give out;

✍️ Writing down the content;

📊 Planning how to put everything in a clear and simple way on the whiteboard;

🗣️ Practicing, practicing, and again practicing before the event;

…and drinking lots of coffees of course ☕️ !!!

To give you an idea of the process I go through, I made a short video where you can see how I personally plan a training session step by step:

Planning a training session

Credit: Photo by Brady Knoll from Pexels