Is Your Racing Car Making The Right Pit Stops?

At top speed a Formula 1 racing car can reach over 200 miles an hour, and to perform at its best it needs pit stop pauses to top up fuel, or to get repairs and mechanical adjustments.\ \

The car that makes the additional pit stops during the race will run faster on the track compared to cars that did not make the pauses 1️⃣ 🚘 🏆 🏁

The human brain is like a racing car: fast and powerful.  The information going from your brain to the other parts of your body, like your arms and legs for instance, travels at a speed of 150-260 miles per hour!

So, like any racing car, your brain needs to take several breaks during the day

“Choosing the optimum pit strategy of how many stops to make and when to make them is crucial in having a successful race.” 

(“Pit Stop,” n.d.)\ \

Why is it important to take a break while working?

  • Your brain is not designed to be pushed to its limit, and it needs breaks to recharge, regain focus and function better
  • Breaks, if taken correctly and at the right time for your brain, will bring you fresh ideas and make you more creative

How can you know when your brain is drained and needs a break? And how can you take a meaningful break to energise your mind?

Read on, I’m going to explain to you how to make those pit stops work wonders for your brain and ensure it’s more productive.

When should you take a break?

  • The brain has to switch off approximately every 60-90 minutes of work.

However, every person is different and on some occasions, especially if dealing with a difficult task, your brain might need a break every 25-45 minutes

  • Test your brain on separate occasions to find out what’s the ideal time length for you to gain maximum concentration

How do you properly take a break?

  • Take a break of 10-15 minutes in between tasks, or when dealing with a big task
  • Don’t take fake breaks: don’t check emails, social media or anything work related during the break, as  they don’t make your brain rest, they will have the opposite effect and make things worse
  • Take quality breaks: relax, get fresh air if you can, drink some water, do some stretching or get your body moving (taking a short walk it’s great especially if you have a desk job)
  • Plan your day with breaks in it or you will forget to take them

I hope this tip is helpful and that you’ll find your way to integrate in into your daily routine.

Credit: Photo by Aytuguluturk from Pixabay