5 Ideas to reopen your business safely

Your reopening date is getting closer! You have waited an entire year for this moment, worked hard to get to this point, fought to stay motivated!

The last steps are making sure you take all the necessary safety precautions, and train your staff accordingly, so they can give the best of themselves to your organisation and, above all, to your customers!

Here are 5 ideas to help your business reopen safely and successfully:

Be Mindful. Teach your staff to be mindful of their tone of voice when approaching a customer who isn’t following your guidelines. They have to listen to what customers have to say, without assuming they simply don’t want to comply, or want to ignore the rules.

Share the Risk Assessment of your business with both team members and managers. This will help all your employees understand what they should do to work safely, and protect themselves and others.

Communicate your social distancing plans. Share your social distancing policies via social media, your website, etc. Your customers will be willing to follow the social distancing guidelines you put in place, as long as it is clear what is expected of them.

Update your absence policy. Employees are often reluctant to call in sick unless they are extremely ill, because they don’t want to lose pay, or get in trouble. Updating your absence policies will make it easier for them to take a sick day when they need to, and it will ensure that they are not coming to work and infect others.

Encourage your employees to practice hand hygiene, to protect themselves, your company, and your customers. Hand washing has become such a habit of our daily lives however, it only works if it’s done properly. A great way to remind workers how to maintain good hand hygiene, and when to wash their hands, are safety signs.

If you liked this blog post, check out this video for extra tips!

Credit: Photo by Andrea-Piacquadio from Pexels