Don’t Set Goals For 2022! Unless you do these 5 things

Every January I hear phrases like:

“New Year, New Me” or “I have the feeling this year will be different”

…which punctually every December turn into:

“Gosh, this year went so fast, what have I done?” or “I really hope next year will be better than this one!”

I’m sure that in the past you too had objectives for the “New Year” that you haven’t achieved, however, this can change and you can finally achieve your goals…

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The mistake most people make when setting goals is that they simply write down a list of things they want to achieve and hope they will somehow happen to them, someday.

Spoiler alert: No one is coming to magically give you what you want, it’s on you to make things happen!

If you don’t follow a method (like writing down your goals, making a plan on how to achieve them, etc…), you will simply drift away from your objectives and never realise them.

Here are 5 practical tips you can use from this year onward to ensure you start becoming an achiever:

  1. Don’t set too many goals for the year: You can’t put down a list of everything you want to achieve in your life for a span of 12 months, because you will feel overwhelmed and give up pretty soon on those objectives. Start small with up to 5, if you reach them all let’s say by September you can set 1 or 2 more!
  2. Make a plan on how to achieve those goals: Make a specific plan on how you intend to turn what you wrote into reality. For instance, decide what are the necessary steps, if you need to save up some money, if you need to learn a new skill, etc…
  3. Plan for the time you have and prioritise: If there are several things you want to achieve, decide which are the most important goals, the ones that will make a real change in your life, and start with those.
  4. Review your goals quarterly: Roughly every 3 months ask yourself: Am I making progress? Am I  going in the right direction, or do I need to make adjustments to my plans?
  5. Check the goals you haven’t achieved in the previous year: Are the goals still relevant to your current life? If yes, why didn’t you manage to achieve them? If you are still interested in achieving those goals don’t give up on them, put them on your list for this year.

Now that you have these 5 tips to help you achieve your goals, go on and start using them. Feel free to share your story with me when you achieve any of the goals you set (my email address is, I would love to hear your success stories!

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Credit: Photo by Cottonbro from Pexels