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Hodos comes from greek meaning “path” “way” “journey”. I believe there isn’t only one way, in fact there is not even the perfect way,
there is only your way

Hello, I’m Sara and I am a freelance customer service, sales and time management trainer.

I love delivering training, it gives me a sense of accomplishment because I can see people learning. I am dedicated to helping people gain the skills they need to succeed in their professional life, by encouraging them to enjoy learning through fun and practical courses.

With over 10 years experience in customer service in luxury environments, including 5-star hotels, I have something to share that can help others achieve a goal (like increasing the number of loyal customers and referral) or solve a problem (like reducing the number of complaints, or missed sales).

My training draws on direct experience in delighting customers, and building rapport with them, and my knowledge has been acquired by overcoming real daily challenges.

I created Hodos Training so I can help people develop the fundamentals of customer services, sales and time management skills. Experience shows candidates transform my courses into a lifestyle, finding their own unique way to put their learning into practice at work.

I have something unique to share: helping others to be excellent in their job.

My experiences have changed my professional life for the better, and I want to show you how the same learning could benefit your organisation.

So let’s get started!